I'm just trying to figure life out as much as the next person. I guess Grey's Anatomy helps a little...
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    This is so perfect

    American Sex Education


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    Grey’s Anatomy is like a cookie.

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    This broke my fucking heart

    This is why you don’t lie about having mental disorders. It is not a joke.

    I’m crying

    This broke my heart

    this is real ocd, not the people in school getting annoyed when their desk is messy.

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    inspired by x

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  • "It took me losing everything, to finally find myself."
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  • "Being drunk would be good right now."
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    i’m honestly one of those people that are just there like yeah i have friends and people talk to me but i’m nobody’s favorite person and nobody looks forward to talking to me everyday or anything and it sucks

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    rest in peace you fucking toilet cover

    Do you think Sully was caught, killed, shaved, had his fur turned into a toilet seat cover, and had his body experimented on, all because he was trying to visit Boo at the end of Monsters, Inc.?

    It would explain why there was a prequel and not a sequel…

    This post just ruined my life

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